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Karen Wilson, L.Ac, M.Ac.
4301 NW 63rd, Suite 202
Oklahoma City, OK  73116

Welcome to Central Oklahoma Community Acupuncture where our mission is to make acupuncture a simple and effective form of healthcare accessible and affordable to a wide range of people by using a sliding scale system. Acupuncture treatment cost $15-$40 per visit. You decide what you can afford within this range. There is a one-time paperwork fee of $10 at the initial visit. Income verification is not required. Acupucture does not need to be expensive to be effective.
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Imagine  a large, quiet room with several people reclining in chairs, clothes rolled up to knees and elbows, receiving acupuncture.  That's community acupuncture.  The community acupuncture setting helps us keep our prices down while being able to bring this unique healthcare system to more people.  Lower rates allow our patients to receive treatments frequently and regularly as needed for maximum effectiveness.  In this group setting Central Oklahoma Community Acupuncture offers individualized treatment and care with complete respect for the privacy of your personal history.

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